Curriculum and Course Design

Experts in learning and development, we create learning curriculum for both face to face learning opportunities that can be delivered by local organizational leaders following a train-the-trainer session or using a digital platform such as a Learning Management System (LMS). Clients have an opportunity to collaboratively partner with our experts for a customized product that increases learning margin within their organization or team.

Training Design & Facilitation (Skill development workshops/trainings)

Designed to engage and reinvigorate productivity, profitability and synergy within teams, our Training Design and Facilitation offer delivers competency based team sessions that allow participants to gain role pertinent skills and personal development. Experts in interactive skill development, Pivot ONE-EIGHTY specializes in facilitating Leadership conferences & retreats, Staff meetings, live web-based trainings  and team strategy sessions.

Strategic Business Planning

During the life cycle of an organization, transitions and changes are inevitable. We approach these moments with one question first, ‘where are we trying to go?’ Our multidimensional StratOP process aids us in guiding our clients with clarity and focus towards their next best steps for their desired business outcomes. StratOP challenges us to plan tomorrow, today, while gaining the discipline of managing today, today.

Culture Pulse

Organizational culture, overtime, can become complicated and diluted. In fact, through the various changes of leadership, programs, technology implementations, and more, demystifying what your internal clients need and want can become challegning.  Our experts deliver a customized assessment to organizational teams that benchmarks the 'pulse' of your internal clients on the 6 Dimensions of  Thriving Organizational Culture. A consultant provides organization leaders with an in-depth review of meaningful learnings, best next-steps and resources to achieve desired outcomes.

Executive Leadership Coaching

Leading any function within an organization comes with challenges that can be navigated successfully with both strategy and intentionality. Executive Leadership Coaching is a customized series of sessions that addresses a leaders specific needs and desires as they lead a high performing team. Executive Leadership Coaching begins with a formalized assessment and self-survey to determine areas of focus throughout the sessions. Topics that can be addressed include acclimating to company culture, leveraging one’s own strengths, discovering the strengths of others, sustaining change, developing culture through change, high-impact communication, casting vision, executive presence, etc.