About us

Every industry and workplace has its own unique set of safety risks and challenges. While most workers in developed nations assume they can safely work and return home each day, research shows otherwise. Serious injuries and fatalities continue to plague global workplaces. For example, between ’93 and ’96, there were over a million employee injuries at USA workplaces annually. Between ’95 and ’98, there were over 6,000 fatal occupational injuries. More recently, in 2017, there were over 5,000 fatal workplace injuries. After so many years, it’s staggering to see that these numbers are still so high.

At EPRO, we’ve spent years studying workplace safety challenges to develop the most comprehensive one-stop shop and safety solution. We believe that the right safety solutions save lives, which is why we’re passionate about transcending the safety landscape where it matters most - in your workplace.

Our instructor-led and online safety sessions take your unique workplace into account, with solutions for the construction, manufacturing, industrial, transportation, and government sectors. While we are headquartered in Ashburn, Virginia, we have trainers scattered all across the USA to meet the demands of our nationwide clientele - both businesses and private clients.

We also offer a broad range of the industry’s sturdiest safety and protection supplies, clothing, footwear, and other personal protection equipment. Everything we stock is built using tough materials that work just as hard as your team. With the option to buy in bulk and save, EPRO is the obvious choice for safety training, supplies, and education.


Digital Data Management (DDM)

Access informative courses customized to suit your requirements, budget, and timeline. Our solutions can even reflect your identity and branding to foster loyalty among workers. Our team will work closely with yours to bring your learning and development to the web, from existing training material to specialized courses, and beyond.

People & Organizational Development

Grow and develop your staff on workplace safety and performance. Together, we can nurture and motivate employees to work hard towards your goals while ensuring everyone gets home safely at the end of each day.


To arm our clients with the tools, knowledge, training, and safety supplies they need to achieve their unique business goals.


To reimagine the safety landscape through education and insights relevant to modern workplaces in the 21st century.

EPRO is unique in its commitment to fusing technology with the human touch to deliver personalized services you won’t find anywhere else. Our team never fails to WOW our customers with “obsessive” attention to detail in all we do!

To discover more about what we can do to maximize safety in your sensitive work environment, reach out to our team by phone or mail today. Through a winning combination of safety learning, supplies, and education (in English and Spanish), we can minimize the prevalence of occupational injuries and fatalities and make USA workplaces a safer place for all.