Manual of Responsibilities for ANSI/SAIA A92.22 Safe Use & ANSI/SAIA A92.24

Manual of Responsibilities for Manufacturers, Dealers, Owners, Users, Supervisors, Operators, Occupants, Lessors, Lessees, and Brokers of ANSI/SAIA A92.22 Safe Use & ANSI/SAIA A92.24 Training Requirements for the Use, Operation, Inspection, Testing and Maintenance of Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWP).

You are required by ANSI/SAIA A92.22-201X and ANSI/SAIA A92.24-201X to read and understand YOUR RESPONSIBILITIES before you use or operate this Mobile Elevating Work Platform (MEWP).

The operation of an aerial device is subject to certain HAZARDS that can be protected against only by the exercise of INTELLIGENCE, CARE, AND COMMON SENSE. It is essential to have COMPETENT, CAREFUL PERSONNEL, TRAINED in THE INTENDED USE, SAFE OPERATION, MAINTENANCE AND SERVICE of this type of equipment.

The USER and OPERATOR MUST MAKE DECISIONS on the maintenance, use, and operation of the MEWP with due consideration for the fact that the SAFETY OF THE OPERATION AND OTHER PERSONNEL is dependent on those decisions. FAILURE TO COMPLY with your REQUIRED RESPONSIBILITIES in the use and operation of the MEWP could result in DEATH OR SERIOUS INJURY.

Refer to the manufacturer’s operation and safety manual for INFORMATION ON SAFE USE